Health Economics Working Group – Zoltán Kaló, PhD

Objectives of the Sociological Working Group:

The intention of our sociological group is to widen experts’ knowledge interested in personalized medicine and/or social studies about the various sociological aspects of personalized medicine. We evaluate the cost-effectiveness, the affordability and accessibility of research and development and practical application concerning personalized medical technologies on the basis of the health policy, economical and sociopolitical objectives of modern societies.

Plans for 2013:

  • Plenary lecture and/or separate section on personalized medicine at the conference of Hungarian Health Economics Association
  • Article on the health-economics aspects of personalized medicine in a relevant national scientific journal
  • Development of a training modul on the cost-effectiveness analysis of personalized medicine

Founding members of the section:

  • Zoltán Kaló
  • Kristóf Kóczián
  • János Pitter
  • István Vámossy