Epigenetic Working Group – Bálint Bálint MD.

Epigenetic Working Group of HSPM considers the co-operation between researchers and clinicians of prime importance in order to foster the development of more effective therapeutic solutions.

Broadly speaking epigenetic regulation examines the molecular mechanism of gene expression regulation with a special focus on chromatin-level regulation. With a narrow interpretation epigenetic regulation is interested in hereditary mechanism coded in DNS sequence overarching more generations.

Examination of epigenetic regulation in human systems and the medical application of the results have not been resolved yet and only few medical applications have been recorded. The objective of our working group is to accelerate such examinations and researches.

For this purpose we aim to:

  1. represent the regulation mechanism explored by epigenetic at national forums;
  2. facilitate the early introduction of epigenetic therapies;
  3. stimulate clinical-theoretical collaborations and research projects.